ShowMe Solutions Services

Our services fall into two categories.



Live VJ services

What is a VJ?

Pretty much everyone knows what a DJ does. They arrive at events, set up their equipment and play music.

But many people have never heard of a VJ.

Perhaps you are organizing an event where you need to project a repeating slide show recognizing and thanking important event sponsors as the crowd gathers.

As the event commences the sponsor loop should end and make way for specific information presented to coincide perfectly with what a speaker or emcee may be saying.

Maybe the event is a fund raising event and an inspirational video has been created and needs to be played for the audience at just the right moment.

Perhaps one section of the event is a "fund a need" where folks commit to funding specific needs. And for each level, a visual description should appear on cue.

Later, perhaps there is a live auction for assorted items. As each item is auctioned off, images of the items are presented right on cue.

A VJ makes all this happen by carefully coordinating the actions using a computer and a projection system. All pressure is removed from those participating so they may focus on the event and not the presentations.



Presentation Design services


ShowMe Solutions is able to assist with creating the visual assets you may need for your event. We are happy to consult with you to create the atmosphere you want. We use a variety of tools to accomplish our goals. Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop and too many other tools to list here.